I’m fortunate to have obtained a bottle of Ethical Spirits’ distinguished ‘LAST’ gin, sourced all the way from Tokyo, Japan. This distillery’s uses an innovative approach crafting gin from waste food and drink products. This gin, ‘LAST’ is produced by reusing wasted Sake kasu (residual yeast left over from the production of sake). I’ve tried may gins in my time and this is one certainly has a unique story behind it, but how does it taste?

I must admit, as I looked at the bottle two things struck me with interest.

  1. The higher-than-usual alcohol content at 47%.
  2. The small 375ml bottle it comes in.

Given the gin’s high strength, I decided a classic gin and tonic would be a safe bet and for my G&T, I picked Fever-Tree’s Premium Indian Tonic Water. Having sampled both a double and single measures (and tried it neat), I would strongly recommend just a single measure with a mixer. Upon tasting, the dominant flavour is defintely juniper and this gin doesn’t hold back with flavour! Be warned, any stronger measure and the alochol does take over your drink and, in my opinion, is less enjoyable. The stronger volume also helps to explains the smaller 375ml bottle it comes in as a little goes a long way and I see this bottle lasting me several G&Ts to come. I really enjoyed the flavour, it’s strong, floral and cleansing, but all in a good way.

Even though this bottle might not seem fancy (although there’s a certain element of class about it) there’s definitely something unique about it and the flavors are quite something. It very much reminded me of Bloom gin, so if you’re a fan of that, I really recommend giving ‘LAST’ gin a try. I’m holding onto this gin for those relaxed late summer to early autumn evenings when you’re looking for a comforting and refreshing drink as the season shifts – it’s bound to provide that cozy warmth.

This isn’t an off the shelf gin, and you can tell Ethical Spirits have taken some time to make this premium tasting gin well balance, but also packed full of flavour. This is the perfect bottle for a gin lover, and I’d recommend you drink a single measure with a plain or Indian/Mediterranean tonic, with a few ice cubes and I’m sure you’ll enjoy!