About Us

Welcome to The Home Cocktail Club! There’s only two of us who run this website, Simon and Roger. After getting a (tasty) appetite for cocktails, we wanted to try making them ourselves at home and also try out some new and unique recipes. When scrolling through the many pages on the internet we were frustrated with how complicated some of the recipes are and this is where the idea to create a user friendly cocktail website with simple easy to follow recipes came from. We wanted to make a place where the wonderful people of the internet can find a variety of easy & simple cocktail recipes to make at home and so The Home Cocktail Club was born.

We’ve put together some niche categories for if you have a favourite type of cocktail, for example check out our ever growing collection of Martini Recipes.

If you have a good idea of a new cocktail, or you’re a brand wanting to do some collaboration, please contact us.

We hope you enjoy the website and find some exciting cocktail recipes. Don’t forget to join the mailing list to get new and exciting cocktail recipes, also make sure to follow us on Instagram!

The Home Cocktail Club