Alcohol Database

Commonly used Spirits and Liqueurs

This dataset shows the most commonly used spirits/liqueurs used in cocktails along with the description and alcohol strength percentage.

“Spirit/Liqueur” refers to a type of alcoholic beverage that is distilled and typically has a high alcohol content. Liqueurs are often sweetened and flavored spirits. The “Description” contains information about the spirit or liqueur being discussed. This could include details about its production, flavor profile, or suggested serving methods. “Alcohol Strength Percentage” refers to the percentage of alcohol in the spirit or liqueur. This information is often displayed on the bottle label and can range from around 20% to over 50%, depending on the specific product.

Spirit/LiqueurDescriptionAlcohol Strength Percentage
AbsintheA highly alcoholic, anise-flavored spirit that is often used in cocktails, such as the Sazerac and Corpse Reviver #2.45-74%
AmarettoAn Italian liqueur with an almond flavor.20-28%
AperolAn orange-flavored Italian liqueur.11%
BittersA highly concentrated, aromatic flavoring made from botanicals.44.70%
BrandyA spirit made from distilled wine, typically aged in oak barrels.35-60%
CachaçaA Brazilian spirit made from sugarcane juice, similar to rum. It is commonly used in cocktails, such as the Caipirinha.38-48%
CalvadosAn apple brandy from Normandy, France.40-50%
CampariA bright red Italian bitter liqueur made from herbs and fruit. It is commonly used in cocktails, such as the Negroni and Americano.20.50%
ChartreuseA French liqueur made by Carthusian monks.40-55%
Cherry brandyA sweet, cherry-flavored liqueur made from cherries and often aged in oak barrels. It is commonly used in cocktails, such as the Singapore Sling.24-48%
CointreauA clear, orange-flavored liqueur.40%
Crème de cassisA sweet, dark purple liqueur made from blackcurrants. It is commonly used in cocktails, such as the Kir and Kir Royale.15-20%
DrambuieA Scottish liqueur made from whisky, honey, and herbs.40%
Fernet-BrancaAn Italian amaro with a bitter, herbal flavor that is often used in cocktails, such as the Toronto and Hanky Panky.39-45%
FrangelicoAn Italian liqueur made from hazelnuts and herbs.20-28%
GallianoAn Italian liqueur with a vanilla and anise flavor.35-42.3%
GinA spirit flavored with juniper berries and other botanicals.37-50%
Grand MarnierA French liqueur made from Cognac and flavored with oranges.40%
GrappaAn Italian grape-based spirit with a high alcohol content.35-60%
KahlúaA coffee-flavored liqueur from Mexico.20%
LilletA French aperitif wine.17%
LuxardoA dark, cherry-flavored liqueur made from Marasca cherries that is often used in cocktails, such as the Brooklyn and Hemingway Daiquiri.30-38%
MaraschinoA clear, cherry-flavored liqueur made from Marasca cherries. It is commonly used in cocktails, such as the Aviation and Last Word.32-40%
MezcalA Mexican spirit made from roasted agave plants, similar to tequila but with a smokier flavor. It is commonly used in cocktails, such as the Mezcal Margarita and Oaxaca Old Fashioned.40-55%
MidoriA bright green, melon-flavored liqueur from Japan.20-21%
Pimm’sA British liqueur made from gin and spices, commonly served with lemonade and fruit.25%
PiscoA brandy-like spirit made in Peru and Chile from grapes.30-50%
RumA spirit made from sugarcane or molasses, typically aged in oak barrels.37-80%
SakeA Japanese rice wine.15-20%
SambucaAn Italian anise-flavored liqueur that is often served with three coffee beans, known as con la mosca (with the fly).38-42%
SherryA fortified wine from Spain.15-20%
Sloe ginA red liqueur made by steeping sloe berries in gin.15-30%
St-GermainA French liqueur made from elderflowers.20%
TequilaA spirit made from blue agave plants, typically produced in Mexico.35-55%
Triple secA clear, orange-flavored liqueur that is often used in cocktails, such as the Margarita and Cosmopolitan.15-40%
VermouthAn aromatized wine that is often used in cocktails, such as the Martini and Manhattan.15-20%
VodkaA neutral spirit typically made from grain or potatoes.35-50%
WhiskeyA spirit made from distilled grains, typically aged in oak barrels.40-60%
Yellow ChartreuseA milder version of Chartreuse that is yellow in color and has a slightly sweeter taste. It is commonly used in cocktails, such as the Last Word and Alaska.40%

Alcohol Volume, Units and Prices

This dataset shows information about various types of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, spirits, etc. The “Alcohol” column indicates the name or brand of the beverage. The “ML” column shows the volume of the bottle in milliliters, while the “Strength ABV” column indicates the alcohol by volume percentage of the beverage.

The “Price Per Bottle” column displays the cost of purchasing one bottle of the alcoholic beverage. This was calculated in 2020 using the average UK price per bottle from Tesco in £ (GBP). The price includes duty or VAT and prices are subject to change. The “Price Per 25ml” and “Price Per 50ml” columns show the cost of purchasing a measure of 25ml or 50ml of the beverage, respectively.

The “Units Per Bottle” column indicates the number of alcohol units contained in one bottle of the beverage. The “Units Per 25ml” and “Units Per 50ml” columns show the number of alcohol units in a measure of 25ml or 50ml of the beverage, respectively.

This dataset provides information for consumers and bartenders who want to compare and contrast different alcoholic beverages based on their volume, alcohol content, price, and number of alcohol units.

AlcoholAlcoholicVolume (ML)Strength ABV (%)Price Per Bottle (GBP)Price Per 25ml (GBP)Price Per 50ml (GBP)Units Per BottleUnits Per 25mlUnits Per 50ml
VodkaY1,000.0040£17.00 £0.43 £0.85 4012
GinY1,000.0040£18.00 £0.45 £0.90 4012
Orange JuiceN1,000.000£1.00 £0.03 £0.05 000
WhiskyY1,000.0040£20.00 £0.50 £1.00 4012
Lime JuiceN1,000.000£0.85 £0.02 £0.04 000
GrenadineN1,000.000£4.00 £0.10 £0.20 000
Raspberry SyrupN1,000.000£1.50 £0.04 £0.08 000
Cranberry JuiceN1,000.000£0.80 £0.02 £0.04 000
LemonadeN1,000.000£0.35 £0.01 £0.02 000
Blur CuracaoY1,000.0020£7.00 £0.18 £0.35 200.51
Peach SnapsY1,000.0018£7.00 £0.18 £0.35 180.450.9
VermoutY75016£22.39 £0.75 £1.49 120.40.8
RumY1,000.0040£17.00 £0.43 £0.85 4012
MalibuY1,000.0021£14.00 £0.35 £0.70 210.5251.05
Pinapple JuiceN1,000.000£1.10 £0.03 £0.06 000
Coconut CreamN5000£4.99 £0.25 £0.50 000
KahluaY50020£12.00 £0.60 £1.20 100.51
Sugar SyrupN2500£3.00 £0.30 £0.60 000
Whitley Neill Blood OrangeY1,000.0040£30.00 £0.75 £1.50 4012
Absolut Vanilla VodkaY1,000.0040£20.00 £0.50 £1.00 4012
PassoaY1,000.0017£14.00 £0.35 £0.70 170.4250.85
ProseccoY75013.5£14.00 £0.47 £0.93 10.1250.33750.68
Tomato JuiceN1,000.000£0.85 £0.02 £0.04 000
Orange LiqueurY70040£5.00 £0.18 £0.36 2812
AperolY70011£13.63 £0.49 £0.97 7.70.2750.55
Soda WaterN1,000.000£0.50 £0.01 £0.03 000
TequilaY70038£17.00 £0.61 £1.21 26.60.951.9
Ginger BeerN3300£1.80 £0.14 £0.27 000
Bloom GinY75040£24.00 £0.80 £1.60 3012
Pimms No 1Y1,000.0025£20.00 £0.50 £1.00 250.6251.25
Creme De MureY70016£14.70 £0.53 £1.05
VermouthY75015£10.00 £0.33 £0.67 11.250.3750.75
Absolut Apple JuiceY50035£16.00 £0.80 £1.60 17.50.8751.75
Ketel One VodkaY70040£22.95 £0.82 £1.64 2812
Taboo VodkaY70014.9£9.00 £0.32 £0.64 10.430.37250.75
Chambord – Raspberry LiqueurY70016.5£22.99 £0.82 £1.64 11.550.41250.83
JagermeisterY70035£16.00 £0.57 £1.14 24.50.8751.75
BaileysY1,000.0017£24.74 £0.62 £1.24 170.4250.85
CointreauY70040£21.49 £0.77 £1.54 2812
AmarettoY70028£15.00 £0.54 £1.07
AdvocaatY70017.2£17.96 £0.64 £1.28 12.040.430.86
Crème de MentheY70021£15.50 £0.55 £1.11 14.70.5251.05
HoneyN6800£4.50 £0.17 £0.33 000
AppletizerN7500£2.50 £0.08 £0.17 000
Grapefruit JuiceN1,000.000£1.25 £0.03 £0.06 000
Passion Fruit JuiceN1,000.000£1.00 £0.03 £0.05 000
Peach PureeN1,000.000£6.99 £0.17 £0.35 000
Elderflower CordialN7500£16.95 £0.57 £1.13 000
Absolut Strawberry Juice VodkaY50035£15.99 £0.80 £1.60 17.50.8751.75
Jim Beam Straight Bourbon WhiskyY70040£19.45 £0.69 £1.39 2812
Coconut WaterN3300£1.69 £0.13 £0.26 000
Rose WineY75013.5£20.00 £0.67 £1.33 10.1250.33750.68
Fresh Apple JuiceN1,350.000£3.20 £0.06 £0.12 000
Captain Morgan’s Spiced RumY1,000.0035£15.00 £0.38 £0.75 350.8751.75
BBQ SauceN4800£1.99 £0.10 £0.21 000
Black Berry VodkaY1,500.0017.5£11.99 £0.20 £0.40 26.250.43750.88
Creme De CassisY70017£19.99 £0.71 £1.43 11.90.4250.85
Gingerbread SyrupN1,000.000£9.35 £0.23 £0.47 000
Single CreamN1800£0.80 £0.11 £0.22 000
EspressoN11,111.000£3.00 £0.01 £0.01 000
Grapefruit JuiceN1,000.000£2.97 £0.07 £0.15 000
Lemon GinY70041£22.99 £0.82 £1.64 28.71.0252.05
Ciroc Summer CitrusY70037.5£36.70 £1.31 £2.62 26.250.93751.88
LimoncelloY50026£14.50 £0.73 £1.45 130.651.3
Hepple Douglas Fir VodkaY50041£35.00 £1.75 £3.50 20.51.0252.05
Watermelon VodkaY70038£21.40 £0.76 £1.53 26.60.951.9
Watermelon JuiceN1,000.000£2.99 £0.07 £0.15 000
Mount Gay Golden RumY70040£18.00 £0.64 £1.29 2812
Captain Morgan’s Dark RumY70040£17.00 £0.61 £1.21 2812
Angostura BittersY20044.7£9.96 £1.25 £2.49 8.941.11752.24
Woodford ReserveY70043.2£32.00 £1.14 £2.29
Fireball Cinnamon WhiskyY1,000.0033£22.00 £0.55 £1.10 330.8251.65
Creme de MureY70016£15.89 £0.57 £1.14
CampariY70025£13.00 £0.46 £0.93 17.50.6251.25
Spiced GinY70042£28.40 £1.01 £2.03
Cinnamon SyrupN1,000.000£11.95 £0.30 £0.60 000
Tequila RoseY70015£15.99 £0.57 £1.14 10.50.3750.75