BLOOM London Dry was first launched in 2009 as a result of Master Distiller, Joanne Moore’s vision to create a lighter tasting gin for all to enjoy. Combining the finest natural botanicals, it quickly grew to become a firm favourite among the new gin-eration of drinkers, a sophisticated gin renowned for its purer tasting flavour profiles and its iconic bottle.

Bloom Gin (

G&J Greenall, the makers of Bloom Gin, have just recently celebrated their sestercentennial – yes they have been crafting gin for over 250 years. Bloom didn’t get off to the best of starts when people found out they were heavily targeting women in their advertising. I’m a bloke writing this review of one of my favourite go-to-gins. It just go to say, if you make a good product the marketing does its own work…

Anyway, back to the gin!

Two things instantly standout with this gin – the bottle and the price. The gin comes in the one of the pretties bottles I’ve come across and the cork stopper adds a nice touch as they’re much more durable that a screw top. The price is pretty affordable as far upmarket gins go. We’re looking at around £20 for a litre bottle, which isn’t Gordon’s prices, but well worth the extra few pounds.

The Flavour

It’s a good floral take on a London Dry. Floral yes and somewhat junipery and it has a nice bitter edge that allows it to cut through the sweetness of your mixer. Bloom is pretty smooth, so you can drink it straight or neat if you’re into that! Critics argue it’s extremely ordinary gin… but I disagree. I think it packs enough flavour and variety for the average punter.

How to Drink

I think this is where you have to think carefully. Because it’s such a floral gin, a nice plain tonic compliments this gin. Some flavoured tonics work well, like Fever-Tree’s Elderflower, but others will simply mask the flavour of the gin, which makes it a little pointless?

So, go on, pick up a bottle from

""Amazon and let me know what you think in the comments below.