The Gimlet Cocktail is for all the Lime and Gin lovers out there. It is traditionally a mixture of Gin and Lime Juice. However we have put a slight twist on the traditional gimlet recipe by adding in some Lime Vodka to really enhance the flavour.


  • 2 Shots of Gin (We used Sipsmith London Dry Gin).
  • 1 Shot of Lime Vodka – Optional (We used Absolut Lime).
  • Lime Juice.
Gin2 shot (50ml)2
Vodka1 shot (25ml)1
Lime Juice1 shot (25ml)0
355 ml3.3

Gimlet Cocktail Recipe

Add a few ice cubes to the bottom of a glass, then measure the Gin (Vodka if used) and Lime Juice in to the glass. Give the mixture a stir and then pour through a strainer into the serving glass. Then garnish with a slice of Lime on the top.


Prep time: 2-3 minutes | Class: Sophisticated | Cost: Mid-Range | Drink Speed: Slow