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The Vesper Martini is primarily a Gin based cocktail. It contains a mixture of Gin, Vodka and Vermouth. Traditionally Lillet Blanc

, is used however if you do not have or Vermouth we have found dry white wine works okay. The Vesper Martini is the drink that features in both the James Bond 1953 Book and 2008 film Casino Royale.


  • 2 Shots of Gin (We used Gordons)
  • 1 Shot of Vodka (We used Glens)
  • ½ Shot of Vermouth or Dry White Wine

Vesper Martini Cocktail Recipe

  1. We highly recommend using a cocktail shaker for this recipe, however if you do not have one you can use an alternative for shaking such as a water bottle. If you are looking for a cocktail shaker, we would recommend this one from Amazon that has a built in strainer.
  2. Measure out and pour all the cocktail ingredients into your shaker. Then add a few ice cubes and secure the lid. The ice helps keep the ingredients cool, but also helps dilute the alcohol contain which is quite high.
  3.  You now need to give the shaker a good shake for around 20 seconds to introduce the ingredients to each other. We would recommend wrapping the shaker in a tea towel as the shaker will get very cold from the ice, it also helps absorb any liquid that may drip out.
  4. Now remove the lid of the shaker, and pour the liquid through a cocktail strainer (or a sieve) in to the glass.
  5. Serve with three olives and a large peel of lemon zest!
Gin2 shot (50ml)2£0.90
Vodka1 shot (25ml)1£0.85

(or Dry White Wine)
½ shot
(13 ml)
88 ml3.3£1.87
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