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The Italian aperitif Aperol was created in Padua, Venice, Italy in 1919 by the Barbieri brothers. The recipe has remained unchanged but it wasn’t until the 1950s that Aperol Spritz became a popular drink as an alternative to the usual Venetian mix of white wine and soda.

The Aperol brand was acquired by Campari Group in 2003. The Group positioned Aperol Spritz as “the perfect drink for social occasions”. This lead to an increate of sales, four times the pre-acquisition levels!

A ready-to-enjoy-drink version of the Aperol Spritz was launched by the company in 2011, which contained just 8% of alcohol. This was intended to give consumers a chance to enjoy the drink at home with minimal effort, by simply adding ice and an orange slice. Below we explain how to create the perfect Aperol Spritz at home.


  • 2 shots (50ml) x Aperol
  • 2 shots (50ml) x Prosecco
  • 1/2 shot (10ml) Soda Water
  • Slice of Orange to garnish

Aperol Spritz Recipe

  1. Fill a wine glass with Ice.
  2. Add equal amounts (around 50ml’s each) of Aperol & Prosecco, although some people prefer slightly less Prosecco for a more citrusy and zesty flavour,
  3. Give the mixture a stir to introduce the flavours to each other, and garnish with an Orange Slice.
  4. Sip & Enjoy!
Aperol2 x shots (50ml)0.55£0.97
Prosecco2 x shots (50ml)0.68£0.93
Soda Water1/2 x shot (10ml)0.00£0.005