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The White Russian Cocktail is the younger brother of the Black Russian. The first mentions and origins of the White Russian variant date back to 1965 although it didn’t grow in popularity until the late 1990’s.

If you don’t have cream you can use milk and soy or nut milk will work just fine. Some people prefer to mix the alcohol and cream together, whilst others prefer to allow the cream to sit on top. It’s all personal preference!

You can also turn the White Russian into a Dirty Russian by using chocolate milk instead of cream!

📢 Notes:

☕ If you prefer to use home made coffee liqueur, then you can check out our simple How To Make Coffee Liqueur recipe on how to make it from scratch.


White Russian Cocktail Recipe

  1. Put the vodka and the Kahula and heavy cream into a tumbler filled with ice and stir gently for 10 seconds.
  2. Sip and Enjoy!

Vodka2 x shots (50ml)2.00£0.85
Coffee Liqueur2 x shot (50ml)0.50£0.60
Heavy Cream2 x shot (50ml)0£0.30
150ml2.50£1.75 ($2.20* €2.03*)

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