Re-use, Reduce, Recycle. Well that’s something you can do with your food scraps to make some cocktails!


If you have used some chickpeas to make some lovely hummus, you can use the leftover chickpea brine as an egg white substitute in cocktails. So if you are looking to make a vegan Pink Lady, just substitute the egg-white for some chickpea brine!

Pickle Juice

Yep, this does sound more disgusting than putting egg in a cocktail but it does add a unique flavour twist to a popular cocktail classic by adding a shot of pickle juice to a Bloody Mary.

You can also try a Pickleback shot, which is a shot of whisky and then a shot of pickle juice.

Cores, Peels and Rinds

If you have made some cocktails before you’ve probably been left with a few bits of left over fruit rinds and peels. These bits can be used to make flavoured syrups.

Our favorite way of using left over fruit rinds, peels and cores is to make what’s known as an Oleo Saccharum. This is typically an citrusy based syrup, but any fruit peels and rinds and can be used. Just place the leftovers into a jar, cover with sugar and store in the fridge until all sugar granules have dissolved. This gives you a very pure and flavourful syrup.