This Pear, Pumpkin & Ginger Mocktail is the perfect drink for using up that left over Halloween pumpkin. It’s ingredients also help make it a wonderful fruity detox drink, so what’s not to love!

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Our home crafted recipe for Pear, Pumpkin & Ginger Mocktail consists of seven ingredients (including ice and a garnish).

  • 50g x Pumpkin
  • 250ml (10 shots) x Orange Juice
  • 100ml (4 shots) x Water
  • 1 x Pear
  • 1 x chunk of Ginger
  • Ice
  • Garnish with lime wedges


Five steps to make the perfect Pear, Pumpkin & Ginger Mocktail! No need for a fancy professional bar – we’ve designed this recipe specifically to cater to the comforts of your kitchen.

  1. Fill two glass with ice.
  2. Cut the Pumpkin into chunks and place into a blender with the Pear, Ginger, Orange Juice and Water.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Double strain into the glasses.
  5. Then sip & enjoy!


Although we try and make our cocktails accessible, this one will need the following equipment.

  • Blender
  • Two serving glasses
  • Strainer

Cocktail Units & Pricing

We’ve based these volumes, units and pricing off our alcohol database. Our prices are based off open Open Exchange Rates from the GBP total. This Pear, Pumpkin & Ginger drink is a mocktail, so it contains no alcohol.

Orange Juice10 x shots (250ml)0.00£0.30
Water4 x shots (100ml)0.00£0.00
Pear1 0.00£0.40
Ginger1 Chunk0.00£0.15
Pumpkin50g 0.00£0.10
475ml0.00£0.95 | $1.19* | €1.10*