The Espresso Martini was invented in London in 1983 by Dick Bradsell at Soho Brasserie when an up and coming supermodel sidled up to the bar and asked for a cocktail with coffee to wake her up. It was originally christened the ‘Vodka Espresso’.

If you enjoy coffee flavoured cocktails, have a look at our article on how to make How To Make Coffee Liqueur. Alternatively, the Black and White Russian are coffee based cocktails.

Espresso Martini Cocktail Ingredients

  • 50ml (2 shots) of Vodka (we used Absolut)
  • 25ml (1 shot) of Coffee Liqueur (we used Kahlua)
  • 25ml (1 shot) of freshly brewed espresso coffee
  • 10ml (0.5 Shot) of Sugar Syrup
  • Coffee beans to garnish

Espresso Martini Cocktail Recipe

Only four steps to make the perfect Espresso Martini Cocktail!

  1. Pour in a shaker filled with a few ice cubes the sugar syrup, coffee liqueur, espresso coffee, and vodka.
  2. Shake the shaker until the outside turns cold.
  3. Double strain in to martini glasses and garnish with coffee beans.
  4. Then sip & enjoy!




Hawthorne strainer

Fine mesh strainer

Martini glass

Cocktail Units & Pricing

We’ve based these volumes, units and pricing off our alcohol database. Our prices are based off open Open Exchange Rates from the GBP total.

Vodka (Absolut)2 x shots (50ml)2£0.85
Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua)1 x shot (25ml)0.5£0.58
Espresso Coffee1 x shot (25ml)0£0.20
Sugar Syrup0.5 shot (10ml)0£0.28

Recipe originally posted 20th February 2020.

Recipe latest updated 13th May 2024.