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The Sex on the Beach Cocktail is very much a drink attributed to the 1980s and is not as popular now as it once was. Nevertheless, a fairly recent song, Cake by the Ocean, was created after the name of the drink got lost in translation with the Swedish producers. Other drinks include the Sex on Fire, which uses Fireball cinnamon whiskey, instead of vodka, and Sex on the Driveway, which uses Blue Curacao.

Sex on the beach only uses a handful of ingredients and takes no time at all to create! It’s a classic cocktail that you’ll see on most cocktail and is particularly enjoyable on a hot summer day. It’s refreshing and fruity but has a real kick that comes from the vodka and peach schnapps. For extra flavour add a dash of lemonade!

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  • 2 shots of Vodka
  • 1 shot of peach schnapps
  • Orange juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Orange slice garnish

Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe

  1. Add the ice the the vodka, peach schnapps equal amounts of orange juice and cranberry juice into a glass and stir well.
  2. Add a garnish – we think a slice of fresh orange works well!
  3. Enjoy your Sex on the Beach…!
Vodka2 x shots (50ml)2£0.85
Peach Schnapps1 shot (25ml)0.5£0.35
Orange Juice100ml0£0.10
Cranberry Juice100ml0£0.10

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