What are Pop a Ball Gin Bubbles

Last week I reviewed the new Gordon’s Sicilian Lemon Gin and I thought I’d keep on the topic of gin for this weeks article, Pop a Ball Bubbles for Gin Blueberry & Lemon Flavoured Bursting Balls….. WOW that was a mouthful.

I came across this product at New Year when my girlfriend was given them as a gift for Christmas. I remember thinking, bubble tea balls in gin? No thank you, but nevertheless we decided to give it a go!

I haven’t had bubble tea before so I had no idea what to expect. The first few ‘pops’ were definitely weird and took some getting used to, but the flavour certainly added to the G&T and made it quite a unique drinking experience!

Although Pop a Ball promote the fact you can mix the ball flavours together, I’ve always enjoyed them one packet at a time. I personally enjoy the lemon flavour a little more than blueberry, but then, my girlfriend much prefers the blueberry!

How to Prepare a Drink with Pop a Ball Gin Bubbles

I enjoy these bubbles with an Orange Gin & Tonic, but they go well with pretty much all G&Ts!

  1. Create your signature Gin & Tonic (plenty of ice and a nice garnish).
  2. Drain* about a table spoon amount of bubbles and pour them into your drink.
  3. Mix and enjoy using wide plastic straw provided!


Taste – they really do taste delicious and don’t overpower your drink.

Straw – it’s hard to drink these without a wide straw, as you need to suck the balls up, so it’s great they include one.

Price – they aren’t stupidly priced! We get them off Amazon Prime for £3.99 (May 2020).

Servings – they advertise you get 3-6 servings from these balls, but I’ve usually made around 4 drinks form one packet.


*Storage – they have to be kept in the fridge (so you can forget about them) and make sure you drain the excess liquid back into the container otherwise your bubbles go a little weird after a few days.

Straw – great they include one, but…. you only get one, making it tricky to share.

You can purchase them direct from PopABall, or from Amazon.

Photo from PopABall.co.uk.