To help you perfect the best cocktails at home, we are going to share two handy cocktail tips.

Ice, Ice, Baby 

Who doesn’t love a nice refreshingly cold drink? Well 90% of cocktails contain ice, so it is an essential ingredient. Always try to use fresh ice in each cocktail you make, as left over ice will melt more quickly, watering down the drink. Also try to put glasses in the fridge or freezer before serving, so that they are nice and ice cold. This will help the ice stay frozen for longer and so will take longer to melt improving the taste and experience.

In some cocktails, crushed ice is preferable than ice cubes (such as in a Pina Colada). You can make crushed ice by crushing it in a towel using a saucepan or a mallet. You can also crush ice by placing it in a cocktail shaker and crushing itwith a muddler.

We would recommend getting a pair of Ice Tongs

, like this pair from Amazon for only £2.50. They are really useful for picking up ice, but also other things such as fruits and garnishes and stop your hands from getting cold!

Juicy, Juicy

If you are looking to make your own juice from scratch for cocktails, such as a Screwdriver, or a Tequila Sunrise then you should try aerating the juice, as this will elevate the flavour of the drink to a new level.

The simplest way to make aerated juice is by using a centrifugal juicer. If you take a look at what comes out of the end, you’ll notice that the juice takes on a frothy, bubbly almost milkshake texture. As soon as your juice is done, you want to mix and serve your cocktail straight away.

If you don’t have a centrifuge juicer at home you can easily make aerated juice by using an stick immersion blender. Just pour your juice into a tall container and blend your juice at high speed for about 5 minutes.