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This Spiced Island Sunset Cocktail is a lovely refreshing but warming cocktail, perfect to enjoy on a cold autumnal or winter evening.

📢 Notes:

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Spiced Island Sunset Cocktail Ingredients

  • 1 & 1/2 x Shots (35ml) x Spiced Rum (We Used Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum).
  • 1/2 x Shot (10ml) x Amaretto Liqueur
  • 2 x Shots (50ml) x Orange Juice
  • Orange Wedge & Cherries to Garnish

Spiced Island Sunset Cocktail Recipe

  1. To make this Spiced Island Sunset Cocktail, add the Rum, Amaretto and Orange Juice to a cocktail shaker with some ice.
  2. Give the cocktail shaker a good shake until the outside turns cold.
  3. Pour in to a glass and garnish with a Orange wedge and Cherries.
  4. Sip and Enjoy!
Spiced Rum1 & 1/2 Shots (35ml)1.31£0.57
Amaretto Liqueur
1/2 Shot (10ml)0.35£0.27
Orange Juice2 Shots (50ml)0.00£0.05
95ml1.66£0.89 ($1.09* €1.03*)

*Based off Open Exchange Rates from GBP total.

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