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This Summer Punch Cocktail Recipe is the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy with friends during the summer. It’s packed with so much fruity flavour, you may need a bucket to make it in!

We like to use Lemonade in this recipe as it gives a more citrusy flavour, but you can use Soda Water if you prefer, or you can always use Prosecco if you want to make it really special.

📢 Notes:

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 👪 This recipe serves 10.

Summer Punch Ingredients

  • 10 shots (250ml) x Vodka  (We used Absolut Vodka)
  • 5 shots (125ml) x Lemon Juice
  • 4 shots (100ml) x Sugar Syrup
  • 10 shots (250ml) x Elderflower Cordial (We Used Monin Elderflower Syrup)
  • 20 shots (500ml) x Fresh Apple Juice
  • 5 shots (125ml) x Soda Water / Lemonade / Prosecco
  • Herbs such as Mint & Basil and Lemon Segments to garnish

Summer Punch Recipe

  1. To make this Summer Punch in a large bowl, bucket or jug add all the liquid ingredients, then fill with ice to top it up and give the contents a stir.
  2. Garnish with lemon segments and flavourful summer herbs such as Mint & Basil.
  3. Pour in to serving glasses.
  4. Then Sip & Enjoy!

Vodka10 x shots (250ml)10.00£4.30
Lemon Juice5 x shots (125ml)0.00£0.10
Sugar Syrup4 x shots (100ml)0.00£1.20
Elderflower Cordial10 x shots (250ml)0.00£5.70
Fresh Apple Juice20 x shots (500ml)0.00£1.20
Soda Water / Lemonade / Prosecco5 x shots (125ml)0.00 / 0.00 / 1.69£0.05 / £0.05 / £2.35
1,350ml10.00 / 10.00 / 11.69£12.55 / £12.55 / £14.85| $15.74* | €14.59*

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