⏰ 3-5 minutes 🍸 Unique 💰 Affordable 🏃‍♀️ Medium Drink Speed

This Strawberry & Mint Sparkler Cocktail mixes juicy strawberries with sour lime juice and spicy mint in this sweet and sour cocktail. It’s a lovely refreshing drink to enjoy on a summer’s day.

📢 Notes:

🍬 This recipe includes Sugar Syrup. You can check out our simple How To Make Sugar Syrup recipe to make it from scratch.

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Strawberry & Mint Sparkler Ingredients

  • 2 x Shots (50ml) x Vodka (We Used Absolut Vodka Strawberry Juice for an added Strawberry flavour).
  • 1 x Shot (25ml) x Lime Juice
  • 1 x Shot (25ml) x Sugar Syrup
  • 6 x Strawberries
  • 10 x Mint Leaves
  • Soda Water to top up

Strawberry & Mint Sparkler Cocktail Recipe

  1. In a cocktail shaker, add the Strawberries, Sugar Syrup, and Lime Juice and muddle until the Strawberries are fairly mushed. Add the Mint Leaves and give a gently further muddle. (Do not over-muddle mint or it will taste bitter.)
  2. Add the Vodka to shaker and fill with ice. Shake until the outside of the shaker turns cold.
  3. Add some ice to a glass, and then strain the mixture in to the glass.
  4. Top up with Soda Water
  5. Garnish with a sprig of mint and some strawberries.
  6. Sip and Enjoy!
Vodka2 Shots (50ml)2.00£0.85
Lime Juice
1 Shot (25ml)0.00£0.02
Sugar Syrup1 Shot (25ml)0.00£0.30
Soda Water4 Shots (100ml)0.00£0.04
200ml2.00£1.21 ($1.48* €1.37*)

*Based off Open Exchange Rates from GBP total.

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